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Welcome to Spark & Bloom


Where your brand flourishes,
from idea to implementation.


I’m Jeanne, the one-woman design team behind Spark & Bloom. I specialize in creating thoughtful brand identities that elevate ethical and eco-conscious businesses.

Design has a direct impact: on individuals, on communities, and on the planet. Everything we create pulls energy from earth. Making mindful choices reduces our impact and leaves a positive legacy. With this in mind, I work with you to create an intentional visual identity that expands your world-changing purpose.


Spark & Bloom was founded
on a desire to do things differently.


I grew up in a little city called Paris where art entered my life at an early age. Having attended weekly drawing classes from childhood through college, I knew I wanted to continue down this path in some capacity. When I discovered graphic design, I knew it was “the one.”

After earning my B.A. in Creative Graphic Design at LISAA (L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués), I launched my career as a graphic designer for small family-run businesses and later worked with global corporations.

Working in the product industry, I saw first-hand the effects of packaging, printing requirements, and overseas outsourcing. So I moved into the digital world. But something still felt off. User experience was often designed to generate clicks and unhealthy screen habits.

Ultimately, I realized I wasn’t cut out for a system that chooses cheaper prices over worker’s rights, sales over sustainability, and bottom-lines over well-being.


I created Spark & Bloom because I believe in building up the businesses that focus on doing good. If you relate, we might be a match.



On a personal note,
I do some other stuff too.

I currently call the West Coast of the United States home, where my husband and I travel between house sitting jobs and Airbnbs in our VW Vanagon. When I’m not on the road or designing for my kick-ass clients, I spend my time growing my eco-friendly product business, sending postcards from wherever the van is parked, and reading about neuroscience or North America.

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