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Free Homepage Design Kit

Free Homepage Design Kit: Checklist, Design Tips & Wireframe

Free Homage Design Kit:
Checklist, Design tips & Wireframe


We all know it, designing a website takes ages and is often a headache.
In this kit, you’ll find tools which will help you design a comprehensive and attractive homepage for your website.


Think of your homepage like a high-level introduction to your brand. You want the user to grasp quickly what your brand is about and what will the value be to them.
For this, you can use the Know | Like | Trust factor as skeleton to layout your homepage. Check it out:

 • Know: tell them what your offer is and for whom.

 • Like: talk about you, your origin story and what makes you different.

 • Trust: show social proof.

Put a header on top and a footer at the bottom. Voilà ! You got yourself a homepage!


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