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Free Moodboard Template For Photoshop

Find clarity and confidence in your brand
with the help of this moodboard.

Mood Board Template Download_Spark & Bloom.jpg

At Spark & Bloom, we use moodboards for every project.


It is a quick and easy way to define and visualize the art direction for any kind of projects, may it be branding, illustration or web design.

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How does it work?

1 | Find images

Be safe and respect authors by only using open-source imagery if you are not willing to pay. Unsplash and Pexels are great websites for this!

2 | Double click & Save

In the layer window, double click on the layer you want to change. Drag and drop your new image. Ctrl + click (or right click) on either layers in the layer window and flatten the image. Save. Close. Voilà !

3 | Make it yours

Update the color palette, the background and the three words to complete your project.

Mood Board Template Paris.jpg

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