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3 visual identity must-haves

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Consistency is key when it comes to branding. This is how you gain trust, and with trust your business grows.⁠⁠

But branding is broad. It goes from logo to user experience, going through messaging and the coffee shop you choose to meet clients. It can be overwhelming to think about all of this.⁠⁠

The easiest way to be consistent is to define rules. This way, the decision is already made for you, you can just follow the guidelines.⁠⁠

When it comes to the visual identity of your business, there are 3 must-have that you need to define to be consistent:⁠
- Your logo ⁠
- 2 fonts, one for titles and one for paragraphs⁠
- A color palette including, for example, 2 primary colors and 2 secondary colors.⁠⁠

That’s it!⁠⁠

The more touch points you have with potential clients, the more you will need. But as a rule of thumb, keep it simple ;)⁠