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Client care is the most important aspect of running a branding studio


I was recently in the shoes of a client. It was a fantastic reminder that client care is the most important aspect of running a branding studio. ⁠⁠

I hired someone to help me with a specific project. Although the deliverable is what I asked for and will lands results, the process was neither smooth nor clear. A friend who knew about the project asked me how it went and well... I had a difficult time talking about it positively. I did of course, because the deliverable was there, but the overall feeling of the experience was off and it took over the logical part of my brain. ⁠⁠

People come to me to design a face on their baby. That’s a big deal! Listening, caring and being empathetic are as important as being able to design a logo and a website.⁠⁠

So when I receive this kind of feedback from a dear client, it feels pretty darn good!⁠