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Interested in know how much your illustration project will cost? Here are a few things to consider.

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Interested in know how much your illustration project will cost? Here are a few things to consider.

The different constraints that a specific project brings up makes it completely unique every single time which, for me, is a real pleasure.

There are a few things to consider that will inform the design, the style and ultimately the proposal.

An illustration for a t-shirt won’t follow the same constraints as one for a landing page. One example for this could be how the color palette should adapt depending on the type of printing technique or if it is an illustration that is going to stay strictly on screens.

Then for the style, that’s depending on who you want to speak to. If you want to attract young families from the West Coast or retirees from the East Coast, the style will probably be different.

Now let’s talk about the interesting stuff: copyright, license and pricing.

As an artist, I own the copyright of what I create. Like other kinds of artwork - music is a common example - the price is defined by the usage someone will make of it. The scope of the project informs the license: it has a particular purpose, in a specific region, for a certain amount of time/copies. For example: you want an illustration for 500 flyers that you will hand out in your venue for a one-time event. This is a very limited usage of the illustration and I could sell it to someone else later or use it for myself so it will be rather affordable. If you want an illustration for 10 000 beer labels and 1000 t-shirts that you will sell in your craft brewery and you want the exclusive rights (nobody else can use it), the price will be higher.

Every illustration project is unique and can have a very wide range of scope.

If you’d like some guidance, a price range or even a quote, schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me!