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You don’t need a website to be successful. ⁠

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You don’t need a website to be successful. ⁠

I know this is counter intuitive but hear me out.⁠

A website is not going to help you have a successful business if you are not ready to invest in it, may it be money, time or energy.⁠

A website that is not thoughtfully designed will not add value to your customers. It might actually hurt the image of your brand if they are not able to find what they came for.⁠

A website that hasn’t been designed with goals and strategies is not going to land results and help your business grow.⁠

You can still get clients, you can still build a network and your can still be found online through social media without one. ⁠

But don’t get me wrong, a business without a website is difficult to trust and to refer to someone new. ⁠

Having a front window is important, even if it is just one page to tell people what you do, who you are and how to contact you. That’s the minimum.⁠

Are you thinking about updating your website or building a new one?

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