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The world is change by your example, not by your opinion.

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I strongly believe in this. So instead of stirring up a debate around plastic and the impact of human waste, ⁠I am just going to share with you 5 things that I do or use in my everyday life to hopefully have a lesser impact on hearth.⁠⁠

1/ I carry around a tupperware and a little pouch where I have my own utensils for when I go eat out.⁠⁠

2/ I rarely buy coffee in coffee shops, but when I do, I bring my own cup.⁠⁠

3/ For coffee again, I have a stainless steel dripper. For tea, I buy in bulk in co-ops and use a metal filter too. ⁠⁠

4/ I invested in some cotton bags to carry around veggies and buy grains in bulk.⁠⁠

5/ I buy my food either in local co-ops or at farmer’s market rather than big grocery stores.

⁠⁠I am sure there are many other opportunities for me to do more that I have yet found. What is one thing that you do? I'd love to get inspired by you.