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Is your brand memorable?

Is your brand memorable?

Let’s talk about logos for a minute. There are 3 main factors that come into play to distinguish a bad logo from a good one.⁠⁠

• Is it appropriate? It needs to convey the right feeling.
⁠ • Is it simple? It needs to be reproduced in small sizes.⁠
• Is it distinctive? It needs to be memorable.⁠⁠

The thin line resides in having a logo unusual enough that people will remember it easily without being overly complicated or too generic.⁠⁠

Here’s a couple tests you can run with your friends to figure out if your logo is memorable enough:
⁠ • Show it and ask them to describe it without looking at it.⁠
• Show it and ask them to doodle it without looking at it.⁠⁠

When it comes to your brand, like Martin Neumeier puts it, when everybody zigs, zag.⁠

Thank you The Futur for putting together this interview with Sagi Haviv who explains all of this so simply yet so accurately. If you want to nerd out on logo design and brand strategy, head over to their Youtube channel, it's a fantastic resource!⁠


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