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Free Design Tools List

Free Design Tools List

Are you a business owner but don’t have the budget yet to hire a professional designer? Here is a resource list I compiled of free design tools that will help you create your own visuals, from your logo to your social media templates.



If you want a very straightforward color palette inspiration to get you started, you can scroll for a while here.

Adobe Color

This is a more advanced tool here. The cool thing is that you can explore trends or with your own keywords. Knowing color theory and terminology would be helpful and if you want to save anything, you’ll need an account.



Google Fonts

This is where I go to the most when I need a free font. They are all reliable and good quality. 


If you want to dive into typeface, Jeremiah Shoaf’s website is an incredible resource! From inspiration to recommendations and cheatsheets, it will take you a while to get through it all.



There is a wide variety of quality icons here, not all are free.

The Noun Project

One of the most cited resources about icons. You can integrate it to different apps.

Simple Icons

Just click on it and you get it!



Different from your traditional stock photos, this website offers very emotional imagery. It is an endless source of inspiration and amazing resource!


A lot of great photos too, a little more traditional.




Nice and simple mix-and-match illustrations of people.

Absurd Design

Creative illustrations with beautiful textures.



In case you’d like to add some videos to your website, you are covered. 

Image Editor


Completely free image editor.


In addition of being an image editor, you have access to fonts, photos and templates. They have a free membership.


Wanna more free stuff?

Head over there: