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Grow Ahead's Logo Design Process


Today I invite you to sit next to me while I work on the second version of Grow Ahead’s new logo. A little behind the scene to show you one part of the logo design process.⁠

At this stage, we are tweaking and expanding. ⁠

A lot has been defined beforehand to established the art direction. We’ve met several times to know each other better and make sure we understand how to communicate together. I did some general research on the industry and its visual landscape. We worked on the strategy and positioning, which helped me to create a moodboard and start sketching. We explored different concepts and agreed on a direction to follow. Pfiou!⁠

Now that we have validated the logo concept, what I am doing in this video is to find the different logo variations. You want to have different combinations of logos that you can use depending on the space you have. For example, on a social media profile picture, using only the icon is more appropriate as it is such a small space and the name of the organization is always right next to it. On the other hand, on a letterhead where you have plenty of space, you want to use the primary logo that contains the icon, the name of your brand and maybe its headline.⁠

So at the end, when I deliver their new logo to my clients, they get many files. They get a folder that contains all the logo variations, in three different sizes, with the color combinations we agreed on and all of this for print and web usage separately. This way they have a lot of flexibility and are able to use the appropriate file depending on their specific needs which ensures that their branding always looks good and professional!⁠

Have you ever felt limited by the logo files that you have? Want to chat about it to find a solution?

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