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9 tips to help you choose a logo designer.⁠

9 tips to help you choose a logo designer.⁠

1. Anticipate questions: define your project.⁠

• What is your budget?

• What is your timeline?

• Why do you need a logo?

• Do you need brand strategy or do you already know your values, positioning and target audience?

• Do you have a specific style in mind?

A designer should ask you these questions so being able to answer will help them know if you are a good match. They will be able to tell you early on if you are not.⁠

2. Look at their portfolio.⁠

• Do they have a very specific style or do they adapt depending on projects? There is no right or wrong answer here.

• But if they have a specific style and this is not what you are looking for, you know that it won’t work.

• If you have something specific in mind, look in their portfolio to see if they have done something similar in the past.

• If you are open to have them direct you, ask them how they choose a style over another for a project. You’ll get some insight on their design process and their expertise.

3. Ask them to talk about one project you like in their portfolio.⁠

• You’ll learn about their involvement in the project

• How they make design decisions,

• What the outcomes were.

4. Ask them about their design process.⁠

• An experienced designer will have a specific process in place.

• A logo design does not take 48h, it takes time to explore and to mature, it’s emotional. So make sure you ask about their usual timeline too.⁠

5. Look for testimonials.

⁠• Designers with experience and positive impact will have testimonials on their website or social media feed.

• You can verify if they are legit when there is a link from the designer’s website to the company’s webiste.

• You could also contact the company making sure to mention the person you gave the feedback.

6. Know your budget. ⁠

• Ultimately, like in any other industry, you get what you paid for.

• There is nothing wrong with having a small budget! But in this case you might be better off going the DIY route rather than having to manage an inexperienced designer while you are launching your business.

• Some designers have a price sheet on their website, look for it! Prices vary greatly.

• One thing that you can look for too are bundled package. This way you know exactly what you pay and what you get. No need to rely on the designer to count hours!

7. Professionalism & customer service.⁠

• A designer is a service provider like any other. So when you contact them, make a note of:

• How they respond to you,

• How they present themselves,

• Their attention to detail,

• Their time management.

8. Do they ask questions?⁠

• Do they seem interested?

• Does it sound like they know what they are talking about?

• Do they anticipate your needs?

9. Follow your guts!⁠

• If with all of this you don’t know how to choose between two finalists, then go with your guts!

• Personality is also important.

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