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Who Inspires You In Your Business Journey?

Who Inspires You In Your Business Journey?

Who inspires you in your business journey? Are there other entrepreneurs in your family or in your circle of friends? What are your favorite accounts to follow?⁠

Owning your own business is often difficult, the road is bumpy and far from linear. Surrounding myself with inspiring people, being part of communities, having a strong support group are essentials for me to renew and energize myself. It’s so easy to follow the same patterns when you are by yourself behind your computer screens.⁠

Here are two gals who’s content and stories constantly make me want to improve, go a step further and help me show up every day:⁠

@amiefinlayson is a social media consultant. I make a change on my website, sales technique, workflow or Instagram content each time that she posts. That’s how insightful she is!⁠

@melindalivsey shares her journey about going from being a graphic designer freelance to a brand strategy expert with a lot of transparency and clarity. I signed up for both her newsletters and they are the only emails that I am excited to read these days. She always shares great resources too!⁠

Who are you inspired by? I'd love to know who you follow :)⁠