Spark & Bloom

Spark & Bloom


Thoughtful design for intentional brands.


Spark & Bloom cultivates brand identities for entrepreneurs with a desire to ignite positive change.


How, you ask?


Captivate your customers with a visual brand that expresses your unique value.


Give your brand a human touch with one-of-a-kind handmade or digital illustrations.

Web Design

Welcome your dream customer to your online home with a well-appointed website.



I’m Jeanne Carlier, the visual designer and illustrator behind Spark & Bloom. I collaborate with small business owners and entrepreneurs to create brand identities that make a positive impact.

I was born in France and moved to the California coast after college. I now live and work on the road from my VW Vanagon. This isn’t always the easiest route but, like the design process, the easiest route rarely yields the best results.

I believe living your truth, staying curious, and making mindful choices leads to sustainable success.


Jeanne is responsive, involved, accurate, and an intuitive listener. I experienced the entire logo design process as a collaboration. She gave thoughtful answers to my requests and was very involved throughout the process, offering relevant new ideas. In short, very professional!

Constance Sinapi - Founder of Massage Bien-être & Reiki


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